Fully Fitted or Supply Only

The decision of whether to have a new kitchen fitted or as supply only is an important one to make and needs to be decided on more than just price alone. We do not try and pretend that we offer the cheapest fitting service – as you will always find someone who will do it cheaper. However, this can be a false economy and when you consider the amount of money you are spending on a new kitchen is it worth trying to save a couple of hundred pounds?

You need to have the confidence that whoever is undertaking the fitting has the necessary knowledge and expertise to be able to achieve the high standard required. There is a skill to kitchen fitting and lots of opportunities to get things wrong – some of which could work out to be very costly to put right or will detract from the look of your new kitchen. With the modern range of worktop choices, such as Minerva or the ultra-compacts ranges there is a greater chance for things to go wrong, and therefore having someone fitting it who has the correct tools and skills is essential.

We always advise that for most of our customers our fitted option is the best choice, as it allows you have the peace of mind in knowing that our skilled fitting team will ensure that your new kitchen is fitted to the highest standard. In addition, you will also benefit from your own dedicated Designer/Project Manager who will be there every step of the way.

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