Kitchen Storage

Imagine a Kitchen where everything has a home

There’s an art to organising storage in your kitchen, it’s not simply about having a lot of space, it’s about having the right storage in the right place, so everything is to hand when you need it.

Our range of storage solutions, from the leading Kessebohmer & Vaugal Sagel brands, will take the stress out of storage to make your kitchen nightmares a thing of the past. Where to store those handy but cumbersome kitchen gadgets? How do you neatly keep that mountain of plastic storage containers in check? How do you stop wasting good food as it gets lost in those dark corners? These are common problems in the kitchen, and we can help you tackle them.

Come along to our showroom to see the various storage solutions that we can offer. In the meantime have a look at some of our more popular choices which are featured within the below

Corner Storage

Order and access for the darkest spaces

As long as our houses are box shaped, we’ll always have awkward corners to contend with. But dark and dingy corner cupboards are a thing of the past if you install one of our best-selling corner solutions. Both the aptly named LeMans and the equally clever Magic Corner utilise ingenious engineering, to bring the contents of the cupboard out to you.

Base Storage

Build a better base unit.

Make everyday tasks a breeze, with our smart range of under the counter storage solutions. Designed to maximise and organise every inch of your cupboard space, we’ve thought of everything – from handy removable cleaning baskets, to neat spice rack pull-outs which are perfect for keeping close to your hob.

Larder Storage

Keep everything clearly in sight!

Getting to the things at the back of your cupboards can be a real hassle. Our larders put everything clearly in sight, with an innovative system which moves the whole contents of the cupboard towards you. With quick and easy access to all your items, you’ll never lose anything again, or find out-of-date ingredients lurking at the back of your cupboards. Less food will go to waste, which will save you money.

Bin Unit

Waste and recycling made easy.

Disposing of our waste responsibly is a key concern in many households. Whether you need a single unit for under the sink, or a bigger multi-compartment unit to help separate out your recycling items, we’ve got a solution to help. Available with up to four compartments, our bins seamlessly integrate into any kitchen design, making your waste management an easy part of daily life.

Drawers & Inserts

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

The inside of your kitchen deserves to be just as beautiful and practical as the outside. So, once you’ve chosen your fronts, why not continue your style right through to the insides, with one of our high quality, and simply stunning drawer box ranges? Choose a complementary colour and finish for a considered, seamless look. Add inserts and accessories to keep you organised, with hidden double drawer options, allowing to make full use of the space and height, whilst maintaining a deep drawer look.

Wall Storage


There is a wall storage product that will allow anyone, whatever their height, to access previously hard-to-reach areas.

Whether you’re getting the kids interested in cooking from a young age or making sure that Granny can still reach her favourite biscuits, there is a solution for those high hard-to-reach areas. Not only do our smart storage systems suit those less able, but they also ensure that everyone can maximise every millimetre in their kitchen, meaning less wasted space.