Choosing the right handle can really change the final look of your new kitchen. Whether simple and sophisticated, strong and structured or elegant and subtle is the style you are aiming for, we have an extensive collection of styles and finishes to cater to everyone’s tastes.


Copper handles are timeless and stylish, and they offer a tender, metallic accent to the kitchen and work well with dark and plain cabinet door colours. Copper may not suit all types of kitchen styles, but choosing a decent colour palette and door style can lend your kitchen a smooth, industrial look and feel.


With a glossy and reflective surface, traditional chrome provides a classical and conventional look in a kitchen. Chrome can be incredibly diverse and lend itself to both modern and contemporary designs. Downside of choosing a Chrome handle is they are susceptible to scratches and fingerprints so need a lot of care and cleaning.


Nickel handles look charming with different types of finishes such as high polish, satin and antique. Nickel handles are the number one choice for farmhouse and traditional kitchens. They are rust-resistant, but they can get dull with use. To slow down the process, manufacturers often coat them with lacquer; however, regular cleaning may aid to preserve their shine for longer.


Black handles are ideal if you want to highlight the contrast between your cabinet doors and handles or if you’re after a monochrome colour palette. Black handles come in a Matt or Gloss finish. Glossy black handles have a sleek, more reflective lustre compared to matt finish. Black handles are identical to nickel in terms of style, and they blend seamlessly with farmhouse and traditional-styled kitchens.

Stainless Steel

If durability is what you need, then choose stainless steel. It requires minimal maintenance compared to all other handle materials. They are resistant to rust, stains, and scratches. They allow ultimate versatility with their neutral finish so are a perfect match for most kitchens. If you are choosing a stainless-steel appliance, sink or tap, then a Stainless-Steel handle will compliment them perfectly.


Pewter handles are full of charm and character and fit beautifully in timber country feel kitchen or in a timeless painted kitchen. The natural patina on a pewter handle gives it a unique feature that can’t be matched.


With a unique tactile design, our knurled collection gives an industrial look that perfectly complements a modern setting. This range introduces an element of personalisation that other collections cannot offer with a range of backplate choices.


Antique handles can add a real sense of character and individuality to a kitchen. With their naturally aged warmth they complement a traditional design and create a contrasting statement piece in a modern setting.


Our brass collection balances the muted warmth of brass with the bright resonance of copper.


Our material collection encompasses old and new. We have embraced new trends with the introduction of our warm real leather collection and concrete range. Keeping with tradition, timber and ceramic offers a timeless appeal.


White is the perfect finish for a clean contemporary look. Matching white handles with a white frontal adds minimalism and simplicity to your design. Adding white handles to a black kitchen can create a refined monochrome setting.