Planning Your New Kitchen

So you have decided that you want or need a new kitchen, but what do you do next?  So much to consider!   Don’t worry, we are here to help and with many years of experience we have found that the following process normally works well for most customers.

Visit Our Showroom
Looking at pictures and brochures is great to get ideas but nothing beats seeing the real thing.  A trip to our showroom on Long Lane, Newport will give you a chance to see the various styles that we have to offer.  With an extensive display of doors, worktops, appliances and accessories it will give you a chance to start to see what you do and don’t like.  And what better way to see the quality of our cabinetry than to see and feel it – and even open and close the doors to see how the soft close works.

Speak to the Professionals
When you visit our showroom one of our experienced designers will be glad to offer any guidance and advice.  Booking is not necessary, however if you would like to arrange an appointment to ensure that one of our designers are available to speak with you then give us a call on 01983 559333 and book an appointment with Chris or Elizabeth.  

Book a Site Survey
When you visit our showroom you may feel that it would be beneficial to book a no obligation survey in order to allow for us to do an initial design and costing.

For us to do this you do not need to know full details of what you want and we do not try and bog you down with all that detail.  We only need very basic information, i.e. what door style do you like and what worktop material (i.e. laminate, wood, granite) are you thinking you will have.  And don’t worry nothing is set in stone so further down the line if you completely change your mind on what you want then this is not an issue.

Planning Stage & Budgeting
In-between visiting our showroom and the site survey it is a good idea to carry on thinking about your new kitchen.  Think about your current kitchen, what works and what doesn’t and think about what you would like to achieve from your new kitchen and what you would like incorporated in terms of design – also it can be good to look at the various brochures that you would have picked up from our showroom and look online, we recommend where you can see the majority of doors that we offer, along with a great section called ‘Real Kitchens’ (LINK) where you can see kitchens done by other independent companies like us throughout the UK.

Also think about the appliances you may want, i.e. do you love American fridge freezer or do you hate freestanding range cookers?  The kitchen cabinetry has to work around the appliances therefore it is helpful if you have a rough idea of what you would like.  But that said don’t worry if you haven’t as we are here to help and can guide you with this decision process.

From a practical perspective how do you want your kitchen to function?, what do you like and dislike about your current kitchen and what features would you like to incorporate into your new one?  Kitchens are very personal so what works for one customer won’t always be right for another.

Consider your budget - Nobody likes taking about money, however budget is an important factor when planning a new kitchen.  We very much believe that a kitchen is best designed from the ground up, its about designing a practical and functional kitchen and then allowing the customer to choose additions that they would like to add, i.e. storage solutions or upgrading the appliances.  We will always try and work within your budget and be as transparent as possible to allow you to make an informed decision.  And rest assured we will never try and sell you something that you don’t need or want just to raise the order value. 

When we carry out the site survey we will try and gather as much information as we can about the above.

Once a design and costing has been completed we will give you a ring to come in to our showroom to allow us to present to you an initial design concept.  We will be able to show to you it in 3D.  During this presentation, we will discuss with you the various aspects of the kitchen and make necessary amendments. Don’t be afraid to tell us what you don’t like (we won’t be offended) as this will allow us to evolve the kitchen and make it yours. 

Once we have made any necessary amendments to the design with you we will recost the kitchen and send this to you for you to consider at your leisure.

We may make the occasional phone call to check how you’re getting on but there will certainly be no hard sell.

Think about it!
Don’t rush your decision – you have one chance to get it right and it’s important that you consider it properly.  If you need to come back in to look round, or you want to come in and discuss something with us then we are always here to help.  We advise booking an appointment where possible to ensure that your dedicated Designer/Project Manager will be available to help.

Design & Planning

Design & Planning

We can either meet you at your home or at our show room to discuss your new kitchen.



We have our own in-house fitting teams who can ensure the highest standards from start to finish.

Project Manager

Project Manager

All our customers will have their own dedicated Designer / Project Manager... who will be there every step of the way.