At The Kitchen Workshop all our Bedrooms are individually designed for you. With an extensive choice of styles and finishes, along with endless possibilities of cabinetry which is tailored for your room and lifestyle.

All our cabinetry is manufactured here on the Island in our Workshop, giving us the freedom and flexibility to offer you a more tailored design, to give you a product that fits in with your lifestyle and making the best use of the space. So, whether it’s that odd sized alcove in your kitchen, or those sloped ceilings in your bedroom, we can create the perfect cabinet to suit your property.

Our fitted bedroom furniture comes in a range of options to fit your lifestyle, such as fitted wardrobes, sliding doors, dressing rooms, walk-in wardrobes and even coordinating furniture.

All our cabinetry is made using 18mm MFC for in arrange of colours including plain, colours, linen texture and woodgrain. Built to last our cabinetry is made using solid 18mm MFC, meaning you can confident to give a solid cabinet which will last for years and years to come.


Finding the right storage solutions that fits with your lifestyle and maximises the space you have can be difficult. At The Kitchen Workshop our fitted bedroom furniture is tailor-made for you – leaving no wasted space

Co-ordinating Furniture

Complete the look of your new bedroom with co-ordinating furniture. Whether its bedside cabinets, or a large drawer chest we will have furniture options to suit your lifestyle.

Walk-in Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are a fantastic way to free up space in your bedroom, If you have the luxury of space in your home, and are able to allocate a room for all your clothing, then a walk-in wardrobe will allow you to maximise the space you have, and can include a range of clever storage solutions.

Dressing Rooms

Eliminate bedroom clutter with a dressing room. The perfect place to chose that outfit or just get away into your own private sanctuary. With the addition of clever storage solutions you can have a well-organised space for all your clothes and accessories.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are perfect for a sleek and modern look. With no space required for doors to open outwards they can be a great choice for rooms where space is limited, and can also give the feel or more space.

Angled Robes

Slopped ceilings can be a problem when it comes to maximising storage. However as we manufacture our own cabinetry we can offer a tailored-solution to maximise the space following the contour of those slopes.


Make the most of your alcove with fitted furniture. Whether its a fireplace or a chimney breast, alcoves are a great place to add more useable storage.

Dressing Tables

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Feature Boxes

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