Base Storage

Build a better base unit – Make everyday tasks a breeze, with our smart range of under the counter storage solutions. Designed to maximise and organise every inch of your cupboard space, we’ve thought of everything – from handy removable cleaning baskets, to neat spice rack pull-outs which are perfect for keeping close to your hob.

150mm Pull Outs

If you love cooking and experimenting with a wide range of different spices and oils, the 150mm Base Pull-Out is the perfect fit. Locate it next to your hob so everything you need is within easy reach when cooking.
150 Pull Outs – Three different specifications give you the flexibility to store bottles, baking trays or tea towels and cleaning equipment.

VS Sub Slim

No gap is to small – Niches in the kitchen often go unused – until now. With two fixed shelves, which can be used as a towel holder or as a baking tray holder, the smallest gap becomes a variable storage space miracle.

300 – 600mm Pullouts

The big brother of the smaller 150mm pull-out. Ideal for storing a variety of foodstuffs, and so easy to get to. Available in 300, 400, 500, 600 widths

Tandem Side

is a shelf that fits on a door. Simply opening the door provides direct and easy access to the contents. Trays are height-adjustable for maximum flexibility. The idea, as simple as it is inspired, offers wide scope for individual choice.


For a country kitchen feel store fresh food in rustic wicker baskets.
Towel Rails – everything needs a home in the kitchen. To keep it in quick and easy reach, and with a place for it to air dry why not opt for an open tea towel rail. The rail pulls forward for easy replacing of the tea towel. And there is plenty of space underneath for store of other items, such as fresh tea towels or maybe carrier bags.

Internal Drawers – Bring the contents forward. Internal drawers are a great way to make easy access to those cupboards. With heavy weight loading and soft close runners these