Corner Storage

Order and access for the darkest spaces – As long as our houses are box shaped, we’ll always have awkward corners to contend with. But dark and dingy corner cupboards are a thing of the past if you install one of our best-selling corner solutions. Both the aptly named LeMans and the equally clever Magic Corner utilise ingenious engineering, to bring the contents of the cupboard out to you.


The innovative curves of the LeMans shelves allow them to smoothly glide out from inside the cupboard, bringing the whole shelf to within easy reach.
Aptly named after the famous racing circuit this corner storage is ideal for storing bulky pots and pans. Each tray swings out independently and can hold an impressive 20kg. The days of stretching blindly into a dark corner kitchen cupboard are firmly behind you!

Corner Fold (aka Magic Corner)

Simply pull the door towards you and, as if by magic, the entire contents of the cupboard come to you. A clever storage solution giving you maximum use of space and easy access to all items.
No matter what you have stowed away in the corner cupboard – with this solution you can easily reach it. When opening, the front baskets swivel out smoothly and make it easier to access the rear baskets, which move automatically into the front part of the body. The integrated self-closing mechanism ensures that the door closes silently.

Corner Flex

Even the largest storage space is of little use if it is not accessible. This system solution therefore enables full access to the cabinet contents and transforms every corner into a functional space. Installation is independent of the side: the frame is installed on the floor of the corner cabinet.

270d Carousel

Spin your cupboard contents towards you. Ideal for storing pots and pans with each shelf able to hold 20kg of weight.

Revo (aka Mondo)

smoothly and effortlessly rotates the doors around the inside of your corner cabinet, along with the shelving carousel. Upon returning to the front of the cabinet, the doors close automatically. A newly developed control mechanism enables controlled action through all phases. Doors softly fold in, the unit swiftly rotates, and doors close automatically. The rotational speed can easily be adjusted without tools. Thanks to rotational damping, the action turns into a fully customised experience.