Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are not only a thing of beauty, but they are also a practical, enduring, and robust worksurface that will make a statement in your new kitchen. With a vast range of colours, patterns and textures that will complement every style and taste, from a traditional farmhouse to an ultra-modern apartment.

As it’s a natural stone, the surface pattern of each slab of granite is unique, so don’t be surprised if veining differs in samples that you see. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to create a truly original look.

The kitchen generally receives the biggest amount of use and as one of the toughest materials, granite makes the ideal worktop. Scratch resistant, it will not mark like others will; instead, with love and care, it will stay smooth and beautiful for years to come. Granite is also a very hygienic option, as bacteria cannot grow in scratches and dents.

This natural product will give a unique look that sets it apart from any other worksurface. No two pieces of granite are ever the same. The colour and patina vary across even a few metres of the same slab, so your worktop will always be unique.

This worktop is also a great choice for avid cooks, as the cold surface is perfect for pastry making, however, we recommend using chopping boards for food preparation and trivets for hot pans, as the natural beauty of the worksurface means it can be stained and scratched if not cared for.

Sensa by Cosentino is the natural granite surface of that IS on a stain resistant protection that makes them unique. Elegant and high quality surfaces with reliable properties that own a 15 years warranty.

The Sensa by Cosentino colours are unique and exclusives, they are in tune with the nature that has created them. There are seven shades available, each one the, count on a texture: suede, polished or caresse. All of the, presents the major beauty born from the nature and selected by Cosentino, to turn these surfaces in a unique and an unparalleled design.

Our Sensa range of granites have all the charms of granite but with an added treatment that gives it even greater protection. Covered by a 15-year guarantee against staining.

Our chosen suppliers offer expertly machined, polished and installed worksurface using state of the art machinery that you will find from only a few factories around the UK. Search PWS Worksurface on YouTube to see a video of the factory. Check out a video here.