Base Storage

Keep everything clearly in sight! – Getting to the things at the back of your cupboards can be a real hassle. Our larders put everything clearly in sight, with an innovative system which moves the whole contents of the cupboard towards you. With quick and easy access to all your items, you’ll never lose anything again, or find out-of-date ingredients lurking at the back of your cupboards. Less food will go to waste, which will save you money.
From our VS Tal Gate N Larder, especially designed for 300mm & 400mm wide cupboards, through to our Tandem range for larger 500mm & 600mm units, we offer something to improve access and visibility of all your cupboards.

Internal Drawer Set

The Goliath of Kitchen Storage – A flexible larder available with either 5, 4 or 3 drawers. Allowing the maximum storage capacity, with a loading of 35kg per drawer you will be able to load it full of tins without any problems. Drawers’ pull-out individually allowing you to view the contents of the drawer. Shelves above the drawers allow for that bulkier storage, such as Bottles and cereal Boxes.

VS Tal Gate

The gateway to maximum storage space – This tall cabinet solution opens up the best prospects in the kitchen. Developed for maximum storage space and easy access, it sets new standards in terms of comfort and design. It is characterized above all by the opening mechanism, which automatically moves the stowed items towards the user in one go, thus ensuring an optimal overview.

VS Tal Gate N

Space is never short here – Space – saving solutions are particularly important in the kitchen: like this practical pull-out that makes the most of narrow tall cabinets. With just one grip, it allows you to view the entire contents of the cabinet. The door opening of approx. 160 ° and the height-adjustable shelves allow individual adaptation.

VS Tal Gate Pro

Inspired by the design of a fridge, no other storage product gives you such fantastic visibility of your groceries. Our Tandem Larders bring the rear shelves out to meet you, maximising the space available. Our 600mm Tandem Larder will comfortably accommodate a whole week’s worth of groceries. Larder unit pull-outs have become an indispensable part of a modern kitchen. The system fitting not only offers large storage space, but also meets all the requirements for a convenient storage space solution. This can go as far as a chef’s pantry, where two storage cupboards are placed next to each other.

Pantry larder

If you like the idea of a traditional pantry, then we can tailor a cabinet to suit your needs. With various options of drawers, internal drawers, door storage, wine racks you will be spoilt for choice. This simple design will ensure your food is organised and easy to access.

Tandem Side

The Modern Pantry – Designed for use alongside traditional shelves, the Tandem Side is placed on the inside of the door in a tall height cupboard. It’s the perfect place to house all your herbs and spices. If you’ve got the space, include two in side-by-side cupboards for a modern take on the traditional pantry. Alternatively, a Studio Height design can be situated in your base unit – it’s such a handy place to store your tea and breakfast essentials.

Did you know? – All our cabinets are made here in our Island workshop and Our fitters are employed by us.