Rail Trims

Our collection of ‘true handleless’ kitchens feature our handleless trims. This smart rail system sits neatly between the door and cabinet to create a void that enables you to reach in and easily open the cupboard. This simple yet effective system not only functions seamlessly but can also completely transform the overall look and feel of your kitchen when applied in any of our striking colours and finishes – creating an eye-catching design that is all about clean, uninterrupted lines. We offer seven unique handleless trim finishes for you to choose from. Whether you opt to pair your trim with matching doors to create a seamless, continuous look, or combine it with contrasting colours for a bold, individual style, our handleless trim can create a truly distinctive kitchen with a personal touch.


An aluminium finish provides a clean look that allows for ultimate versatility. The neutral colour and finish is a perfect match for most kitchens. The finish also complements stainless steel with appliances and sinks.


Graphite contrasts perfectly with brighter tones for a bold, individual style or can be matched to darker finishes to create a seamless, continuous look.


Paired with darker coloured door these rails can creates a subtle, yet stylish look. Or used with light colours, such as grey to create a contrasting, modern look.


Combine a white trim with white doors for a clean and simplicity design, alternatively add this contemporary finish to a dark kitchen to create a refined monochrome setting.


A metallic brass finish uses the muted warmth of brass to achieve a truly unique space whilst remaining simple and understated.


Bronze works well with neutral colours to create a classic look. Used with shades of blues and greens, that complement it, will make it stand out.

Also available for matching plinths