Dekton Worktops

Solid performance, total design flexibility

Whether you dream of sweeping curves or contemporary lines, solid surface offers the flexibility to meet all your design needs without the cost of specialist installation associated with other Bespoke Solid Surface.

The versatility of solid surface allows for any shape of your choice. Both concave and convex curved corners can be easily cut on-site by our experience installation team.

Smooth flowing lines, even across the joint. Every joint is hygienic and seamless to touch. An imperceptible joint can be achieved with most décors. Veined décors are completely unique, therefore visual difference between joints is to be expected.

Minerva Breakfast Bars & Minerva Sink Modules
Minerva has a range of undermounted sink modules which are sold as part of a specially fabricated 3050mm worktop with the sink area centrally positioned.
Sink modules come complete with your choice of undermounted sink in stainless steel or white acrylic. Choose from a single bowl, a super large bowl, a 1.5 bowl duo or a 1.5 designer bowl in either stainless steel or white acrylic. All options are supplied either left or right handed bowl.
Both stainless steel and acrylic bowls are suitable for use with waste disposal units. Only stainless-steel bowls are suitable for use with instant hot water taps. Allowing boiling water to run freely into acrylic bowls over a period of time may result in superficial crazing of the acrylic surface. When straining boiling water from vegetables etc. we recommend you always run the cold water tap to help prolong the quality of the sink.

Splashback & Upstands
For a contemporary, streamlined look in your kitchen simply add a splashback instead of tiling. Installation is simple and can be combined to great effect with upstands.

An upstand creates a simple, clean look in your kitchen and is easily combined with splashbacks where used.

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